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5 Best Board Games For College Kids

Top board games to play in college that will never make you bored
College is the time when students first feel the freedom, face different challenges and learn how to solve them. It also includes hard studying, writing academic papers, attending events, parties, and just hanging out with friends. Due to a large number of tasks, some young people don`t hesitate to use educational apps or writing services to cope with the assignments (for example, it can be boost my grade agency or the one mentioned in gonerdify reviews). It frees up some time that can be spent on more pleasant activities like relaxing, going to parties and playing games. Even though you may have more attractive alternatives online, there are still great board games to play in a big company.

The list of top board games for a good company

Once you are done with college assignments (either yourself or using the help of such services as superbpaper writing agency or another one observed in master papers reviews), it`s time to think about how you are going to enjoy your free time. Providing you are spending time indoors, playing a board game is a great option. In addition to the well-known monopoly and alias, there are more great options to try with your groupmates on campus:
1. Codenames
This is an association game that increases your level of knowledge and gives you rewards for giving smart answers. It is very simple to play, cheap (which is important for students) and fun. You need to divide into two teams and try to name all words on the board before another team can do this. It is perfect for six and more people;
2. Wonders
This one is about creating a civilization in half an hour. It involves up to seven players to act simultaneously, and the great thing about this game is that even if you don`t play, you will not be sitting and getting bored. The game offers lots of strategic options for experienced players as well as simple tasks for newbies so you will definitely have a lot of fun;
3. Dead of Winter
Our next option is the game that involves a betrayer and some…zombies! All players need to cooperate in order to go through a zombie apocalypse. Your goal will be to gather food products, medicine and, of course, fight zombies. Every player may have a secret purpose, which can be either harmless or making another player betray the whole team not being caught. It makes the game interesting and intense, especially by the end;
4. Telestrations
This one allows up to eight players and is quite easy to play. One person needs to draw a picture and pass it to another player who has to understand what it is. Then this person also draws a picture, and the game goes until all people have gone. You can have a lot of laughs when you see all the drawings and descriptions at the end;
5. Small World
If you are a creative person, this game is for you as it requires some strategy and imagination to be used. You can choose a race that has a superpower, and different types of races are combined in each game, giving you a lot of options. For example, you can be a flying giant or a wealthy skeleton. These combinations make the game enjoyable, and you can play it in an hour or so (in case you want to miss a lecture).